Top Reasons to Buy a New Home in a Pioneering Community


Value |  When you move into a new community, your home has immediate value, which grows substantially as the community is further developed, more families move into the neighbourhood, amenities, shops and services are established and open up. Before you know it, your community is in demand from new families to move to and the value of your home will soar.


Choice |  When you move into a pioneering community you have ample choice. Choose your lot, home builder, home style, elevation style and colour, floor plan, finishes, upgrades that all suit your unique taste and lifestyle. In McConachie Heights we have three award-winning builders for you to choose from including Montorio Homes, Park Royal Homes and Sterling Homes.


Convenience |  New communities give families and homeowners the opportunity to enjoy ample peace and quiet, allowing them the chance to disconnect from the busy city life and reconnect with one another and themselves. Newly developed neighbourhoods are designed to be further away from busy urban cities while remaining close enough to benefit from all the amenities and conveniences they have to offer whenever you may need them.


Nature |  Pioneering communities are designed with nature in mind, with plenty of green space, environmental reserves, an abundance of landscaping and storm ponds complete with walking paths. These environmental amenities provide residents with a great combination of staying connected with nature while giving them the convenience and accessibility of greater metropolitan areas.


Safety |  New communities like McConahcie Heights provide a sense of safety, comfort and community. You get to know your neighbours that much more and you tend to look out for one another from day one. Statistically, new communities also have lower crime rates.


Pets |  With plenty of nearby parks, playgrounds, open spaces and walking trails to enjoy, pioneering communities are filled with opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with your pets.