Nature Backing Homes Available in McConachie Heights

Finding a new home in northeast Edmonton, that fits all your wants and needs, can be challenging, especially when one of your must-haves in a new home for you and your family, is that it backs onto nature, trees, walking paths and fresh air. Finding such a home in the city of Edmonton can be rare. Finding a beautiful new home that backs onto nature, in northeast Edmonton is a hidden gem!

For a lucky, limited number of homebuyers, McConachie Heights has home lots, backing onto nature, ready for a brand new home to be built on. These homes are offered by three award-winning Edmonton homebuilders: Anthem, Montorio Homes and Sterling Homes.

Homebuyers interested in these types of home lots, know there are many great benefits to them.

Below, are our top five.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Trees provide natural beauty, creating a serene backdrop for the home. The greenery adds visual appeal and can enhance the overall ambiance of the property. In addition, the extra trees contribute to cleaner air in the community and your outdoor living space, making your home an inspiring space to spend your time.

Peace and Quiet: Trees act as a natural barrier, offering great amounts of privacy from neighbouring properties or public areas, as well as a buffer for white noise to be absorbed, that otherwise may disrupt the tranquility of your backyard.

Opportunities for Recreation and Relaxation: The nearby walking paths connected throughout McConachie Heights and travel along the natural space behind the limited number of home lots, provide access to outdoor recreation and relaxation opportunities. Residents can enjoy strolls, jogging, cycling, walking their pets, or simply spending time in nature without having to venture far from their backyard.

Connected to Nature: Living near and surrounded by trees, birds, wildlife, and walking paths creates a greater connection with the environment. McConachie Heights residents who choose to build on the beautiful nature backing lots enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors which has been known to support a variety of physical and mental health benefits.

Increased Property Value: Homes in McConachie Heights situated near green spaces often command higher property values. The presence of trees and walking paths can enhance the desirability of the neighbourhood, making it more attractive to prospective buyers. Backing onto nature as opposed to someone’s home, allows extra natural light to enter your home and yard, and opens the skies and horizon views.

Building a new home on a lot that backs onto nature, is a great opportunity. McConachie Heights has a limited number of nature backing lots to choose from.

Please connect with one of our three builder partners to learn more. Anthem, Montorio Homes and Sterling Homes.